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mostly on tumblr..
..but I like livejournal communities
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12th-Dec-2012 02:11 am - another year, another post
Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
geez time flies. well since my last post, i've had that third boyo. somehow having a third kid is WAY easier than when i first had my second. we're past the guinea pig experiments i suppose. aaaaand let's see, bands i'm into these days- florence, two door cinema club, mumford, monsters & men, lumineers, metric, wombats.. stuff like that.

and currently addicted to the viggle app.  :P
1st-Nov-2011 11:44 pm - still tumblrin it up
Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
no one actually reads my livejournal, but my tumblr has gotten semi-popular in the almost 2 years i've had it. you can check me out over there to see i'm a real person. but just in case anyone sees this & is curious: i'm 26 right now, wife & mom in texas. currently expecting bebeh numero 3.
btw i idolize jon stewart & stephen colbert. unf.
28th-Jan-2010 03:00 am - i is having a tumblr page now
Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
i'm terrible and updating pages with actual blogs of mine. but i love just posting things i come across on the internet. so tumblr seemed perfect. if anybody wants to follow me there, my url is:


i post mostly funneh stuffs. & try to make funneh jokes. :p
6th-Oct-2009 01:26 am - why hello there
Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
sooo just a post introducing myself if anyone in the communities i'm a part of sees my comments/posts and is curious.  feel free to add me as a friend!  the names shayla, i'm a young mom & wifey.  i loves me some music and am a political junkie.  hmm, here's like 20 of my favorite albums..

some favorite albums:
most albums by jimmy eat world- (bleed american, futures, clarity, chase this light)
give up- the postal service
even if it kills me- motion city soundtrack
self-titled- the used
morning view- incubus
plans- death cab for cutie
speak for yourself- imogen heap
commit this to memory- motion city soundtrack
a mark, a misson, a brand, a scar- dashboard confessional
from under the cork tree- fall out boy
reanimation- linkin park
season of poison- shiny toy guns
both albums by eisley- (room noises & combinations)
make up the breakdown- hot hot heat
self-titled- the bird and the bee
absolution- muse
a fever you can't sweat out- panic! at the disco
three cheers for sweet revenge- my chemical romance
heart- stars

those are the ones i plucked out from skimming across my collection that i could listen to anytime..i'm sure i missed some of my faves, and there are a whole crapload of albums from harder, darker, or punkier artists that i love to pieces when i'm in different moods and/or feel like being nostalgic.  you can hate on how much commercial music i'm into up there, but whatev! ;-)  not trying to impress anybody, i just like what i like yo.  i love listening to my customized pandora station to find new artists i like too.  i do love the stuff by one band that isn't signed yet- 'call the cops'- they only have an ep out for now so that's why they're not up there.  any suggestions are welcome..

hope some of you kiddies read this.  maybe i'll do a similar movie/tv post later or somethin.

i will leave you with this to ponder next time you find yourself outside:
thank you trees, for making oxygen and shade and not having enormous genitalia that would frighten children.

later taters! :-D
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